0409workforceap-crop-600x338It goes without saying that offering a comprehensive benefits package does much to help a company attract and retain qualified, engaged employees.  At the very least, workers are looking for benefits like health insurance, paid time off, and a decent base salary.  Beyond the classic components, employees are also looking for benefits that help them build their career skills and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

But often merely offering a rich benefits package isn’t enough.  According to a recent study from Aon Hewitt, employees have a need to have their benefits packages explained to them as well as a need to feel that their company’s benefits are competitive in the job marketplace.  In fact, the competitiveness of their company’s offerings was a huge indicator in the level of engagement among the workers surveyed.

Over half of engaged employees felt their company offered a better rewards package than the competition, while only 19 percent of disengaged employees agreed.  More men than women thought their company offered the better benefits.  Likewise younger workers felt more strongly about their employee benefits than their older peers.

When it came to the level to which they understood their benefits, most had a good handle on things like paid time off and base salary.  The things they understood less were benefits like bonus systems, career development, and work-life balance.  Most respondents indicated they’d like better communication from their employers on these and other more complex components.

Educating employees about their benefits packages is an easy way to increase awareness and boost employee engagement. To read more, you can find the full article on BenefitsPro.