There are a lot of great reasons to implement a carefully considered workplace wellness program.  Improved employee health, increased productivity, and decreased health care costs…to name a few.

But have you ever considered wellness as a business strategy?

In a recent article by Employee Benefit News, Cathy Kenworthy, president and CEO of Interactive Health (a wellness program provider), challenges businesses to consider wellness as being something central to their core mission.  To do so, she suggests three tips to help align your wellness program alongside your company values.

1.  Make sure your wellness program reflects and magnifies the culture of your organization.

2.  Offer personalized, outcome-based solutions to help hold each employee accountable for improving their health.

3.  Have a consistent, streamlined program in place to avoid confusion and help you better meet your goals.

These tips are key to laying a consistent foundation for wellness during a time of chaos in the world of health care.  And the improved health and, consequently, productivity of your workforce is key to a healthy bottom line.