290-skeptical-467091509-738x415ts-crop-600x338With all the flyers, brochures, online tools, and other resources you’re already making available, you may feel like your employees have all the information they could ever want about their benefits.  But a recent study by Aflac Inc., revealed there’s one piece of information many employees would like to see.  And few of them are receiving it.

Participants were asked whether their employer provided six different types of enrollment resources: websites, printed brochures, access to in-house benefits managers, the ability to speak with insurance representatives, online decision-making tools, and annual medical claims and expense summaries.

About half the participants had access to brochures and websites.  Around a third could use online tools.  However only about 1/4 of respondents said they were currently receiving annual summaries of their medical expenses, less than any other resource in the survey.

The study also asked employees how helpful they found each of these resources.  About half thought it was nice to be able to speak with in-house benefits managers.  A little more than that liked speaking with representatives from the insurers.

About 2/3 thought brochures, websites, and online tools  were helpful.  That same amount of respondents also said they found value in annual claim summaries.

This study illuminates a large discrepancy between the number of workers who want to see a breakdown of what was paid for their medical expenses and the number who are actually receiving one.  This is just another example of a relatively simple way of keeping your employees cognizant of the tremendous value of the benefits you’re providing them.

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