We talk a lot about wellness programs and how they should take a whole-person approach to wellbeing.  But what exactly does that entail?

We’ve recently mentioned mental health, and we’ve also touched on financial stability.  But there’s still more to the overall wellness picture.  And when employers support the bigger picture of employee wellbeing, the results include improved morale, increased engagement, better health, and ultimately cost savings for the company.

Here are the 5 aspects of employee health that all wellness programs should be targeting:

1.  Physical

This one’s pretty obvious.  It includes eliminating bad habits and forming healthier ones, increasing levels of physical activity, eating more nutritious diets, and going for regular check-ups.

2.  Social

Being connected socially has been proven to improve intelligence and reduce the risk of early death and dementia.  It also improves employees’ motivation to reach other goals, like health-related ones.  Company-sponsored events, work environments that support employee interaction, and initiatives to help connect remote workers are a few examples of opportunities to improve social wellbeing.

3.  Emotional

Improving employees’ emotional wellbeing helps them better rebound from tough life events and live with a clearer sense of purpose.  Good emotional health has been shown to improve cognitive function and lower the risk of Alzheimer’s.  Focusing on emotional health can be done through training programs and coaching.  It can also be as simple as introducing breaks where employees can recharge and encouraging them to take personal time when needed.

4.  Financial

In additional to all the other stressors employees face at work, over half of workers say they don’t have a plan in place to deal with any unexpected expenses that could arise.  To assist, employers are offering financial education and other programs, such as on-site budgeting and financial planning seminars.

5.  Environment

This may be one of the lesser-known aspects of total employee wellness.  It involves ensuring employees can work in a health-conscious environment where they’re encouraged to make health choices in all aspects of their lives.  Features that can improve the workplace environment include fitness centers, walking meetings, healthy vending machine options, and a management team who supports a healthy lifestyle.

For more information on how you can make sure your wellness program covers all the important areas, read more here at BenefitsPro.