The Affordable Care Act is changing the face of health insurance for many individuals. It’s also raising a number of questions in the minds of employees who are more aware than ever of their health insurance options.

Many are confused about their employer-sponsored health plans, the benefits they offer, and any changes being implemented due to new regulations or cost-saving measures.  As open enrollment season looms, it’s essential that employers are prepared to answer the questions that are weighing heavy on their employees’ minds–not to mention, the ones that they don’t even know they should be asking.

At Sequoyah Group, we place a lot of value on communication.  Not only are we willing to meet face-to-face with every employee who needs help understanding, selecting, and enrolling in their benefits options, we also want to enable our business clients and their human resources professionals to engage in better dialogue with their employees.

This list of 10 questions your employees should ask about health insurance can help you be proactive in preparing to address the questions and concerns your employees may have.