Over half of the non-elderly population receives their health insurance through their employer.  That’s 147 million people.  Each year the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Educational Trust survey private and public employers with three or more workers, in order to compile current information about employer benefit plans.

Here are a few key findings from this year’s survey, which was conducted from January to June of 2015:

  • The average premiums for single and family coverage rose by 4{d044ab8acbff62f209a116f8142e303cb886f535b0fcf58cb82cde7cb327d3c9} in the past year.
  • The average premium for single coverage is $6,251, and the cost for family coverage is $17,545.
  • 57{d044ab8acbff62f209a116f8142e303cb886f535b0fcf58cb82cde7cb327d3c9} of companies offer health insurance to at least some of their employees.  At those companies, 63{d044ab8acbff62f209a116f8142e303cb886f535b0fcf58cb82cde7cb327d3c9} of workers are covered.
  • An increasing number of employers are addressing the health and wellbeing of their employees, with large firms offering incentives for completing health risk assessments (31{d044ab8acbff62f209a116f8142e303cb886f535b0fcf58cb82cde7cb327d3c9}) and biometric screenings (28{d044ab8acbff62f209a116f8142e303cb886f535b0fcf58cb82cde7cb327d3c9}).
  • 53{d044ab8acbff62f209a116f8142e303cb886f535b0fcf58cb82cde7cb327d3c9} of large employers have analyzed their current benefits plan to see if they will be subject to the Cadillac Tax and many are already making changes as a result.


You can read the full findings of the 17th annual survey by clicking here.