girl-1064659_1920Fatigue in the workplace might be a more serious problem than you think. Tired employees are less focused and less productive. They’re more likely to have medical problems and be absent more often. They’re also more likely to get hurt on the job. If fatigue is an issue in your organization, here are some easy and inexpensive ways you can help alleviate this problem.

If your health risk assessment addresses fatigue and sleep disorders, you can use that data to help implement a fatigue awareness initiative. If not, you can administer a separate assessment to address this issue specifically. Then use those findings to tailor a program that addresses your employees’ needs. You could…

  • Provide educational materials to address fatigue and why it’s so important to get adequate sleep, along with tips for sleeping better at night.
  • Consider sleep-tracker websites, apps, or tools that would allow workers to keep track of how much sleep they’re getting and how it affects their performance, on and off the job.
  • Encourage habits that contribute to a better night’s sleep, such as eating nutritiously, exercising regularly, and limiting consumption of tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine.
  • Offer referrals for counseling or treatment for any employees who suffer from a sleep disorder.

There are also changes you can make in your workplace to help cut down on fatigue and the risks associated with it. Such as…

  • Installing better lighting
  • Designating quiet areas for breaks
  • Offering healthy food options in the break room
  • Providing machinery and equipment that reduces the physical demands on your employees (e.g. ergonomic furniture)
  • Encouraging employees to take a break, have a snack, listen to music, or whatever other activity would help them reduce fatigue

You might also consider your employees’ job descriptions and workloads to determine if there could be a reason why a certain person or job class might be struggling with fatigue. There could be a need to realign job responsibilities, redistribute workloads, or introduce job rotation to prevent mental and physical fatigue.

Taking even small actions is an important first step in addressing fatigue in your workplace. Contact Sequoyah Group for educational materials and posters to assist in your workplace fatigue management efforts.