As the warmer months come upon us, we are more tempted to spend prolonged time outdoors, seeking adventure, engaging in more physical activity, and going on vacations as the sunshine and summer months call us to be more active people. With the summer months brings more exposure to sun, strenuous activities, and countless other opportunities for possible perceived counter wellness measures, so listed below are some tips to have an effective wellness plan for your life during the warmer months:

    1.  Skin Health

We all know the temptation to go outside and risk it when it comes to our skin, however it is vital to your health to keep your skin happy and healthy during, especially during the warmer months when there is extra sun exposure. Wear sunscreen, hats, and protective clothing when venturing outdoors. It is more important to do so if you are out for long periods of time. Dermatologists recommend broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30. If you have trouble figuring out which sunscreen works best for you, there are many options, so click here for sunscreen recommendations. Tip: Do not forget to re-apply!

     2.   Stay Active

Take time for yourself and exercise or take a family outing to a park and play! Options are abundant when thinking of activities to involve yourself with in the warmer months. Try cycling, do yoga outside, join a sports league. This article by The American Heart Association recommends the average adult is active for 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes per week of vigorous aerobic activity spread out through the week. Take some time for yourself, as a family, or with some friends and get active!

Some ideas for getting active are:

      • Take a stroll in the park
      • Try roller skating
      • Try a new sport
      • Sign up for a fitness class

    3.   Stay Hydrated

As we all know as summer approaches it is tempting to consume refreshing cocktails and mocktails during summer parties and holidays. As you begin to look forward to more festive drinks, it is also important to think about your water consumption. In between cocktails (or other fun non-water drinks) drink a large glass of water. Make sure you are drinking water throughout the day too! For some 8 glasses of water might not be enough. According to Mayo Clinic, men need an average of 3.7 liters of fluid a day and women may need an average of 2.7 liters.  Be aware of how much water your body needs and keep note of how you are getting your water intake.

     4.   Eat Fresh

Summer months are often highlighted with fresh fruits and vegetables, with ample of opportunity to fire up the grill and eat more fresh meals. With more fruits and vegetables available it is important to liven up your plate with less processed options. With more fresh options you will feel like a pro in the kitchen with these summertime recipes. Remember to make your plate colorful and maybe even incorporate a meatless day a few times a week!