Even though employee wellness programs are more prevalent than ever, a recent survey indicates that many workers aren’t getting as much use out of the plans as anticipated.

According to HealthMine, only a little over 1/3 of employees whose employers offered a wellness program indicated they participated in some facet of the plan at least once per week.  And only 44{d044ab8acbff62f209a116f8142e303cb886f535b0fcf58cb82cde7cb327d3c9} said they planned to continue participating throughout the year.  The reason for these results isn’t clear, but it’s possible that employers aren’t keeping employees engaged or that the programs don’t offer enough value to make employees want to stay involved.

Of those who use their employer’s wellness programs, 36{d044ab8acbff62f209a116f8142e303cb886f535b0fcf58cb82cde7cb327d3c9} say they participate weekly, 30{d044ab8acbff62f209a116f8142e303cb886f535b0fcf58cb82cde7cb327d3c9} monthly, and 20{d044ab8acbff62f209a116f8142e303cb886f535b0fcf58cb82cde7cb327d3c9} quarterly.  What’s more, 6{d044ab8acbff62f209a116f8142e303cb886f535b0fcf58cb82cde7cb327d3c9} quit after 6 months, 5{d044ab8acbff62f209a116f8142e303cb886f535b0fcf58cb82cde7cb327d3c9} after 3, and 4{d044ab8acbff62f209a116f8142e303cb886f535b0fcf58cb82cde7cb327d3c9} say they were never interested in the first place.

To learn more about employee participation in wellness programs, you can read the full article on benefitspro.com.  To find out how to keep your employees engaged and involved in wellness, contact Sequoyah Group today!