As the Affordable Care Act is implemented, each year brings additional changes to the benefits employers are required to offer their employees.  One important new benefit on the horizon is health coverage for employees who work less than a full 40-hour work week.

While a lot of employers already offer voluntary benefits to its part-time employees, many will need to evaluate their options to choose the health care plan that’s the best fit for their workers and their families.

A recent article in Employee Benefit News discusses the challenges many of these employers, such as video game retailer GameStop, will face.  And while the mandate does create a great deal of extra work for employers it can also be seen as a retention tool, since employees who are engaged in benefits with their part-time employer may be more likely to stick around and pursue full-time options with the same company.

Increased communication will also be essential for employers of part-time workers, as many may end up offering separate plans for their full-time and part-time employees.