alone-513525_1920If you’re a small business owner, then you know the many challenges you face in providing benefits for your employees, not to mention your own family. You should also know that those concerns are common ones, as in today’s changing economy 92 percent of American businesses are defined as micro-businesses (with 5 employees or less).

Being such a small entity gives you much flexibility and independence. However, it also comes with its own unique set of hurdles to overcome. A recent survey by Invoice2go identified three big ones.

  1. Inconsistent Income – Two-thirds of those surveyed said that the lack of a consistent cash flow or salary was a huge source of anxiety.
  2. Building Consumer Trust – As a start-up it’s often hard to compete with the long-standing brand names people’ve been hearing about for years.
  3. Accessing Benefits – We know it can be costly to offer benefits as a small business. But it’s also hard to recruit and retain top talent without necessities like health insurance and a retirement plan.

While we wish there was something we could do about the first two, we at Sequoyah Group can certainly help you out with that third hurdle. Give us a call to discuss the options available to you.