0409workforceap-crop-600x338Enhancing your benefits package is not only a great way to increase the satisfaction of your existing employees. It also helps you set yourself apart from your competitors when trying to recruit new talent. And there’s a way you can do so while having little to no impact on your bottom line…voluntary benefits.

Offering group benefits to your employees allows them to sign up for extras like dental, vision, or disability coverages that they might not have been able to afford to go out and purchase on their own. By giving your employees that extra peace of mind–even though they’ll likely pay for most or all of the premiums themselves–you’re giving them one less thing to distract them at work.

The problem is that many employees don’t realize the value of these types of voluntary benefits. Or they may not understand how they work. Here’s what you can do to make sure those in your organization understand all of the benefits you’re providing them.

Show them the value.

Since your employees will be paying for their voluntary benefits out of their own pockets, it’s important to show them why they’re still such a great value. First of all, group plan premiums are often much cheaper than if the employee purchased the same coverage as an individual. Yet many people don’t know that.

Another way to educate your employees is by pointing out the benefits of having coverage vs. the hardship they might face if they go without. You could also point out the convenience of being able to pay their premiums directly via payroll deductions (not to mention any possible savings they might realize by paying pre-tax).

Educate them on their coverage.

Once your employees understand the value of purchasing voluntary benefits, it’s also important to make sure they know how their benefits work. Take some time to educate them on their policy. You would hate for any misunderstanding to resentment towards you or your company.

Here are a few ways to keep your employees in the loop on exactly what their benefits cover…

  • Invite current employees to sit in whenever benefits are explained to new hires.
  • Schedule regular meetings with small groups of employees who have questions about their coverage.
  • Utilize technology and social media to reach out to your employees with tips, reminders, and other educational info.
  • Contact us to find out about other resources available to help educate your employees about their benefits!