fitness-719539_1920Becoming more physically active is a common New Year’s resolution that’s made by many Americans, likely some of your employees. However, finding a way to squeeze in a workout or a few thousand steps can be challenging.

But it’s important for your employees to be able to meet these goals. Not only for the health benefits, but also for the sake of your business. According to a recent article on BenefitsPro, employees who get some exercise during the day perform 15 percent more efficiently, feel happier, and are better able to meet deadlines.

But how can you, as an employer, help that happen?

It’s easy to see how larger companies with amenities such as on-site fitness center or corporate fitness classes can contribute to their workers’ wellbeing. But what about small businesses?

Here are 6 easy, convenient ways you can help your employees incorporate fitness into their daily schedules.

  • Set an example. Many employees say they feel that being seen working out would make them look like a slacker. If their boss tacks an extra half hour onto his lunch to go for a jog, they’ll feel reassured that fitness is a priority all the way up the ranks.
  • Count steps. Encourage your employees to wear a pedometer to track their steps taken at work, during breaks, and even at home. Better yet, provide them with one.
  • Take a hike. Mark off trails on your property or provide maps showing routes employees can take to walk or hike when their schedule allows. Create shorter routes for breaks and longer paths that employees can trek during lunch or before or after work.
  • Make break time count. Consider hosting 15-minute breaks in a common area where someone can teach your employees short workouts they can then repeat at later times, right at their workspace.
  • Provide virtual training. While some employees might not be comfortable working out with their co-workers, you can always post or provide links to instructional videos they can use to learn workouts on their own time.
  • Prepare them for obstacles. Barriers to fitness are going to arise. Help your employees be prepared to tackle them when they do.

Read the full article here for more information and tips. Here’s to better health in 2016!