It seems we’re doing everything faster these days, thanks largely in part to time-saving devices like tablets and smart phones.  Enrolling in benefits is no exception.  In fact, research shows that most employees only spend SIX MINUTES making their enrollment choices.  That’s hardly enough time to make such an important decision about their financial security, especially when their list of options is likely growing with each passing year.

Here are 11 tips to aid your employees in making good choices by providing them with the information they need:

  1. Use pre-enrollment communications like email notices, posters, and table tents.
  2. Offer on-site group meetings and informational webinars.
  3. Give access to a call center or help line they can use during open enrollment or life event changes.
  4. Have after hours calls or chat services so employees can share information with their spouses.
  5. Offer tools such as videos and calculators.
  6. Reward those who take advantage of the tools with prize drawings or contests.
  7. Recommend product bundles tailored to employees’ demographics.
  8. Order the products carefully when presenting them.
  9. Automatically enroll participants in prior year choices if no election is made.
  10. Make it as easy as possible for employees to flexibly pay for voluntary plans.
  11. Set up your enrollment system to notify HR about employees who haven’t completed the process.

If employees are only spending 6 minutes enrolling in benefits, employing these and other tools beforehand can help them go into that time ready to make the best decision for them and their families.