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Rising healthcare costs create a dilemma for HR managers looking for employee benefit plans.  Do you pass the cost on to your employees? Do you absorb the expense and take a hit on your P&L?

Your employee benefits broker must work with you to anticipate employee concerns and offer the right options that will cover their needs. Your employee benefits broker will also guide you to solutions that take advantage of tax laws, which can help offset costs.

Sequoyah Group strives to bring you plans that let you offer medical, dental, vision, disability and supplemental insurance with the least impact possible on your employees’ take-home pay…and the company’s bottom line.

Some of our Carriers

Sequoyah Group Simplifies the Process for Providing Employee Benefits


Sequoyah Group only offers options that make sense for your workforce


Employees get individual attention as they select their benefits package


SGI manages on-going matters of compliance and communication

“We have worked with Sequoyah Group to provide all of our supplemental insurance products for several years. In addition, Sequoyah Group has assisted our health insurance broker annually as we renew our coverages. Their staff has been extremely beneficial to our County. They provide prompt, professional, and exceptional service to our County and its employees.”

County Mayor in Tennessee

“It is with much appreciation that I write this letter, because of their outstanding support and professionalism given to our employees during our recent change in brokers and open enrollment period. We all realize that open enrollment can be a challenging time and difficult process, yet the team at Sequoyah Group spent countless hours dedicated to getting it right the first time. If you wish to maximize your employees’ benefits experience while saving your company time and money on benefits administration, contact Sequoyah Group.”

International Manufacturer in Tennessee

“We awarded Sequoyah Group our 2012 health and dental insurance contract. Their proposal represented the lowest bid without any changes to our plan. In 2013, we received a 1.59% rate REDUCTION in health rates, something we had never experienced during my tenure as Human Resources Director. Since the inception of the contract, we have never questioned our decision to partner with Sequoyah Group.”

County Government HR Director in Tennessee

If you are charged with the daunting task of finding the right employee benefits plan that balances employee coverage with your company’s budgetary needs…you are in the right place.

As a national brokerage firm, Sequoyah Group shops nationwide for plans that deliver better benefits at lower premiums. You decide which options we offer your employees. We walk them through the enrollment process, showing them how to get the most individual and dependent coverage while maximizing their take-home pay.

In the end, you have a labor force that is satisfied with the value of their HR benefits and how their plan works. This cuts down the number of times you field questions or deflect criticisms. When employee satisfaction is high, you also control the hidden costs of employee churn.

Sequoyah Group will never suggest a solution based on our commissions or earnings potential. Your success and the security of your employees’ families are our top priorities.

Don’t you think you owe it to your organization to see what Sequoyah Group can do for you?

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